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What is HRT? Types of HRT, side effects and alternatives to HRT


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  • Christin collins's photo avatar
    Christin collins — 14.04.2018 20:46
    Hi Eileen, is it true that if I was to start on hrt once i stop taking it I then have to still go through all the menopause symptoms?


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 16.04.2018 15:17
      Hello Chrisitin, HRT is a personal choice for some women. HRT artificially replaces the female hormones no longer produced after menopause and involves taking small doses of these hormones, oestrogen or progesterone. However, you may find HRT simply postpones the menopause and some women suffer side effects again when they come off it. If I can be of further assistance let me know.


  • Sue's photo avatar
    Sue — 17.02.2018 09:35
    Are these tablets made from organic or genetically modified soya?


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 21.02.2018 11:52
      Hello Sue, The Menopause support is derived from fermented soy extract and it is GMO free.


  • Penny's photo avatar
    Penny — 19.10.2017 13:05
    Can’t comment as I haven’t taken the tables yet


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