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Period pain and menopause

Period pain can be a symptom of the menopause

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Menopause Support can provide support to the body through all stages of the Menopause but is especially useful when broad range of symptoms such as hot flushes, irritability, tiredness, pains and aches, vaginal dryness etc kick in.

  • Made from fermented soya beans
  • Support for all stages of the menopause
  • Also contains magnesium and hibiscus

A herbal dietary supplement containing soy isoflavones, magnesium and hibiscus extract for all stages of the menopause.

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  • Gavriella Rut 's photo avatar
    Gavriella Rut — 18.07.2017 07:01
    I'm going through the change. I'm period for a long time but still stomach cramps. And getting hot. It's already hot in Israel but these hot flashes are terrible. Plus I cry easy. I'm getting married in 55 days and I don't want to upset or freak out my new husband. What do you suggest.. I am also exhausted beyond belief


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 18.07.2017 15:12
      Hi Gavriella If you are still getting stomach cramps with no periods after quite a while it is really important to get this checked out by your doctor. Tell them also about the exhaustion as this could be caused by factors such as low iron, low thyroid function, low vitamin D or B12. You can try the herb sage or Black Cohosh to help with the flushes but remember to drink lots of plain water everyday as dehydration can quickly cause rebound flushes and it can become a real vicious cycle! A magnesium supplement can often help with the emotional issues and be aware that any stress and anxiety can make symptoms worse and planning for a wedding is known to be very stressful! So... do get plenty of rest and relaxation.


  • Melissa Ellis's photo avatar
    Melissa Ellis — 12.07.2017 18:01
    Some very useful tips here


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 13.07.2017 11:47
      Hi Melissa Glad to be of help!


  • Ally's photo avatar
    Ally — 04.07.2017 09:32
    Light period, that lasts only hours, severe pelvic pain


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 04.07.2017 15:27
      Hi Ally Light periods like this often indicate that your hormones are slowly decreasing towards your periods stopping for good. However, any pelvic pain, especially if it is severe, must be checked out by your doctor as well.


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Menopause Support can be used to help you through all stages of the menopause.
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Did you know?

You won’t get the menopause the minute you turn 50! The average starting age is actually between 45 and 55 and it can often depend on a number of factors including hereditary, weight and health, however every single woman will have an individual menopause.

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