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Fatigue and menopause

Is the menopause causing you to feel exhausted?


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  • Margaret's photo avatar
    Margaret — 11.06.2018 20:26
    I would welcome any tips for crashing fatigue I am on 2mg hrt and still have fatigue and migraines, could I still take A.Vogel products if I'm on hrt,thanks I'm 42,


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 12.06.2018 10:29
      Hi Margaret It is best to get this checked out by your doctor first to see if any other health issues, such as low thyroid function, low iron or low vitamin D, are involved. Yes, you can take the Menopause Support alongside HRT.


  • Andrea 's photo avatar
    Andrea — 17.04.2018 06:16
    Tiredness, hot and cold flush, restless nights at the age of 46


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 17.04.2018 14:08
      Hello Andrea, check with the doctor first of all. They can test your hormone levels to clarify if symptoms are due to the menopause or not.


    • Andrea's photo avatar
      Andrea — 17.04.2018 19:06
      OK thanks


  • Dawn coombe's photo avatar
    Dawn coombe — 12.03.2018 10:01
    Tiredness n hot flushes are my worst symptoms.


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