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Heavy periods and menopause

Is the menopause causing heavy periods?


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  • Tracey's photo avatar
    Tracey — 08.06.2018 07:28
    I have been bleeding very very heavily now for nearly 3 weeks .. I cannot express how embarrassing being at work is with so many trips to the loo... I am passing so many clots it is horrible.. I sit down & then I get that horrible feeling of a gush so off I have to go to the loo again & I get up & feel a bigger gush, I get to the loo only to be completely flooded & then what falls out of me is unbelievable... I did not think I had this much blood in my entire body. My doctor is on holiday & I will not see anyone else .. Is this normal only my partner says I should go to hospital but I don't feel ill or moody or any other menopausal symptoms like flushes.. Is this normal as I cannot go anywhere far from a loo ? Help please anyone.


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 08.06.2018 12:40
      Hello Tracey, Heavy bleeding is common on the approach to the menopause. However, it is not good for you, if it is prolonged and very heavy. It is very important to see a GP or go to the accident emergency department, at your local hospital, to see what is going on. They will be able to offer treatment to help stop the heavy bleeding, to give you a break. You may need a gentle iron tonic to help as well.


  • Rania's photo avatar
    Rania — 28.04.2018 08:43
    Hi I am 47 years old. Since last year there has been a pause in periods. But from the last month I am having continuos periods but at a slow pace like for a day and then a pause for another day. Is this dangerous and does this also leads to nausea?


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 30.04.2018 10:57
      Hi Rania Although this can happen as you approach the menopause bleeding like this is not good for you and can cause anaemia (low iron). It is important to get this checked out by your doctor, they may be able to give you something to stop the bleeding and they can make sure that there is no other cause such as fibroids.


  • Hetal Patel 's photo avatar
    Hetal Patel — 17.04.2018 01:06
    I want this but I live in India. I have to much problem during periods my age is 45 years and every 7 days or 15 days I am going to in periods with heavy bleeding. Please advise me.


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 19.04.2018 09:21
      Hetal, I suggest that you let the doctor know as heavy bleeding is not good for you. Ask the GP to check this out for you. Try a gentle iron tonic to see if it helps, in the meantime. P.S. Yes, you can join and can get emails but will not get the pack. I hope this helps.


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