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Premature menopause

What would cause me to go through the menopause prematurely?


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  • Jayne's photo avatar
    Jayne — 04.11.2017 20:54
    Hi I had a full hysterectomy in 2015 and was Hi I had a full hysterectomy in 2015 and given Hi I had a total hysterectomy in 2015 and was taking HRT until 2 months ago. GP stopped HRT suddenly due to breast lumps (which are not cancerous thank goodness). But I am really struggling with night sweats, mood swings, weight gain & dry skin. Will menopause support help me.


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 06.11.2017 09:33
      Hi Jayne Unfortunately, coming off HRT, especially if you stopped it quickly, can give you a sort of menopause all over again with the usualy symptoms and it can take the body a while to re-balance itself. You may find the Menopause Support can help to take the edge off your symptoms. I would also recommend some more magnesium, approx. 200mg, and a vitamin B Complex to help support your nervous system which will be under pressure from the sudden loss of the HRT. Acupuncture can often be helpful in this situation so worth looking into. Remember to drink lots of water as dehydration is common when your oestreogen decreases and this can contribute to many symptoms!


  • Patricia Byrne's photo avatar
    Patricia Byrne — 27.09.2017 14:23
    I've been diagnosed with pernicious anaemia and the symptoms of that are like anxiety when it's time for my injection,would menopause support help with this,thank you


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 28.09.2017 11:05
      Hello Patricia, This supplement can help anxiety and mood to make you feel more robust during the menopause. The clinical research has shown that they can take 3 weeks for best improvement to show. Although, the magnesium, hibiscus and vervain parts are calming and tend to work a little quicker in the system. There are no known contraindication's with taking the Menopause support tablets if you are beginning to suffer from lots of symptoms (although your injection will be the solution to your anxiety if it is caused by pernicious anaemia). I hope this helps


  • Neran's photo avatar
    Neran — 30.03.2017 00:43
    Is having a period early when a woman is going throw a menpose


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 31.03.2017 07:11
      Hi Neral Early periods can be caused by a number of factors such as stress or strenuous exercise or change of diet or even a bad cold! However, if you are worried at all please do check with your doctor.


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You won’t get the menopause the minute you turn 50! The average starting age is actually between 45 and 55 and it can often depend on a number of factors including hereditary, weight and health, however every single woman will have an individual menopause.

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