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Irregular periods and menopause

Irregular periods is a common symptom of the menopause


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  • michelle wilkinson's photo avatar
    michelle wilkinson — 17.03.2018 12:22
    I am now 50 and have had a very bad month I work as a manager for a residential home and am not able to do a full days work having to have a sleep during the day.. I've never done this before does anyone else suffer from extreme tiredness?


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 19.03.2018 15:23
      Hi Michelle, This is a really common symptom during the menopause, and if you can manage to get some extra rest and sleep then you will feel a great deal better for it. It won't last forever! If you are having heavy bleeds then that will contribute to the tiredness, and an iron tonic is really helpful. Also, check you are drinking enough water - dehydration is particularly draining. Best Wishes, Eileen


  • Trudy 's photo avatar
    Trudy — 05.02.2018 21:23
    Hi im 46 and 21 months ago j lost my husband of 19 years to a brain tumour ; im now wandering if grief can bring forward the menopause as i have been bleeding since xmas day then after 21 days i had one day off then started again ! Still bleeding - also breasts tender .


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 07.02.2018 08:58
      Hi Trudi I am so sorry to hear about your husband, this must be an awful time for you. We do know that emotional or physical trauma can have a profound effect on the hormones so this could be what is happening with you. However, constant bleeding can cause low iron (anaemia) which in turn can trigger fatigue, low mood/anxiety, poor sleep, joint pains so it is really important that you get this checked out by your doctor. They may be able to give you some medication to stop the bleeding, also ask them to check your iron levels just in case you need an iron supplement.


  • Tina's photo avatar
    Tina — 08.11.2017 12:19
    Iam going on 51 I think I am going threw menopose this just started I skipped October period but I started last week in november how many days are you aloud to be on your period and some heavy bleeding ?IS THIS normal for menopose?


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 08.11.2017 15:48
      Hi Tina Some women do experience prolonged periods as they start the approach to the menopause. However, these are not good for you and can cause fatigue, low mood/anxiety, joint aches so if your periods keep going or only stop for a short while or you keep getting lengthy ones then it is important to see your doctor. They can test your iron and maybe also give you something to slow down the bleeding.


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