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Mood swings and menopause

Mood swings are a common symptom of the menopause


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  • Michelle harris's photo avatar
    Michelle harris — 14.01.2018 17:36
    Hi are these safe to take when on prescription meds I'm on mitazipine,floxetine


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 15.01.2018 10:56
      Hi Michelle There are no contraindications taking either Menopause Support or Menoforce with your medications.


  • Amanda Serrant's photo avatar
    Amanda Serrant — 11.12.2017 19:59
    I've been sent some samples and have found them useful in finding what works for me.


    • Eileen's photo avatar
      Eileen — 12.12.2017 14:11
      Hello Amanda thank you for letting me know.


  • Margaret 's photo avatar
    Margaret — 03.10.2017 19:24
    At the moment, I have not spoken to my husband for days, I feel so unappreciated at home, we still have 3 teenagers at home and between them and their father I feel as if I'm going round in circles picking up after them and living in a tip, with not one ounce of help to do anything, it's actually making me feel quite resentful and so much a very emotional wreck!!!


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 04.10.2017 10:39
      Hi Margaret This is such a common menopause scenario, you are not alone here! It can be a combination of low oestrogen affecting our mood but also low oestrogen loosening our ability to keep our emotions under control so we can feel angry, resentful or fed up with others really quickly. I have posted a couple of blogs on these situations which you may find explains why you feel like this and what you can do to help yourself. You may need to copy and post these links.


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