The menopause or maybe not...

Are you unsure about whether your symptoms are due to the menopause or something else...?

Eileen Durward

23 May 2013

Are you going through the menopause?

One of the surprising facts we have discovered doing this menopause web section is that we assumed the biggest number of queries would be about hot flushes.

They are, after all, the most common, most publicized symptoms of the menopause and we figured that most women would suffer from these and want information and suggestions for treating them.

However, to our amazement the section most visited is the ‘other symptom’ section. We have realised that although many women do experience hot flushes it’s the less common ones that can cause the most upset and puzzlement.

Doing Live Chat and answering emails on a daily basis, the one thing that is becoming clear is that a huge number of women of menopausal age are also experiencing the less well-known symptoms. These symptoms can range from headaches to bloating to acne, not commonly noted as being associated with the menopause!

We were pleased to see a good article in the Daily Mail last week all about the unexpected symptoms that can herald the approach to the menopause. (Daily Mail 14/5 Good Health Section)

It seems that falling oestrogen levels can cause all sorts of unrelated symptoms, which many women will not associate with their hormones!

However, we also get those women who blame everything on the menopause when in fact it is a completely different health issue.

So what should you do, if approaching the menopause, you start to experience a range of puzzling ailments? Always go to your doctor. They can do a simple test to see where your hormone levels are and that will tell you if you are, indeed, starting the menopause. If you feel that you have not received a satisfactory answer, ask again!

We have had instances where women have assumed their symptoms were menopausal when in fact they were completely unrelated but still needed proper treatment. Don’t let your symptoms run on!


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  • Jackie Lawrence's photo avatar
    Jackie Lawrence — 07.04.2017 04:03
    I have had a range of symptoms which the doctor says not associated with the menopause but having had numerous tests have come back normal. I am convinced that the menopause have created these challenges. Sometimes during a flush my energy will go and I then become shaky and weak with no energy. I feel like my blood sugar levels have dropped and reach out for sugar. It sometimes helps. I have to lie down or sit down for a while. My head is fussy I loose all energy. It's awful and on a couple of occasions collapses at work. I also feel I need food. After say half an hour I start to recover. My blood pressure also fluctuates from good to high I sometimes have pulpitations which makes me feel uncomfortable all of which I have sort medical advice. Anyone else had similar experience


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 07.04.2017 08:37
      Hi Jackie Would you like to email me directly with this so I can give you a comprehensive answer, also could you let me know how old you are and if your periods have stopped (if so when) and also if you are on any other medication from your doctor, thanks.


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You won’t get the menopause the minute you turn 50! The average starting age is actually between 45 and 55 and it can often depend on a number of factors including hereditary, weight and health, however every single woman will have an individual menopause.

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