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Don't let the menopause hold you back!

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17 December 2012

Are you holding yourself back?

It is a well-known fact that how and what we think has a swift and powerful effect on our physical body. Remember how you felt when doing something about which you were anxious or scared – going to the dentist, taking your driving test, going for an interview, flying for the first time?

The minute you thought about it you could feel your stomach lurching or your heart racing or even your legs wobbling! Over the years whilst talking to women approaching the menopause I have been saddened and concerned as to how negatively this approaching phase of life is viewed. ‘Oh, it’s going to be the end!’ ‘My friend has had a terrible time and I am dreading it’. ‘I don’t like this idea of hot flushes and sweats’. And the list goes on and on!

So, women today are already in a negative frame of mind as they move towards the menopause. This low-grade anxiety will have a weakening effect on the nervous system, which plays a very important part in how well you go through the menopause.

Now, would you go on holiday without checking out the hotel, or buy a house without looking at it? No! You would plan all the details, checking things out and getting things ready in order to follow this through. But most women don’t plan for their menopause; some don’t even know what is going to happen to their bodies.

It is so important to read and research as much as you can on the menopause – there are many really good books on natural approaches. The more knowledge you have on what is likely to happen, the more chance you have of treating any potential symptoms before they take hold. Creating a strong and healthy body and a positive mind can make all the difference.

I have always viewed the menopause as a positive change, no more periods, mood swings, tender boobs etc. It’s great and there is so much life afterwards! I have done more things in my fifties that I ever thought I would, and being positive encourages challenges and adventures!

This year I went paragliding for the first time, and yes, my legs really did wobble at the thought but I did it and felt amazing afterwards. Next year I think I will do white water rafting!

So… think of a positive menopause, all the wonderful things you can do and never stop believing that you will make it!

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Did you know?

You won’t get the menopause the minute you turn 50! The average starting age is actually between 45 and 55 and it can often depend on a number of factors including hereditary, weight and health, however every single woman will have an individual menopause.

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