Is low libido normal in menopause?

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Ask Eileen

28 September 2022

60 seconds in menopause video transcript:

This is one of the most distressing symptoms in the menopause because it doesn't only affect the woman concerned, but it can affect her partner and also her relationship.

There's a number of reasons why libido can dip. It can be just due to the fluctuating hormones. But in a lot of cases, it's a combination of issues. It can be vaginal dryness, which could lead to painful sex. It could be fatigue.

It can also be that women's emotions change during the menopause and this can affect how they feel about their partner as well.

For the majority of women this is a phase, so there can be a good outlook at the end of it and very often women find that their libido comes back, sometimes even more positive in the future.

For more information and advice, head over to my blog 'Loss of libido and other intimate issues during menopause'.

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