A lovely success story!

Eileen Durward

05 August 2015

Where it started

Following on from my last blog post about joint pain during the menopause, I thought I would share a lovely success story with you…

A few weeks previously I had this interesting email, the subject of which is really common. I get asked this kind of thing a lot and I thought it would be a really good one to share.

The question:

“I am 56 and have had no periods since November last year. I suffer from neck pain and stiffness, aching in my legs and lower back and occasional burning sensations on the front of my legs below the knees. It passes as the morning progresses.

I have less frequent but more intense hot flushes. I have had sciatica quite a few years ago but take great care of my back and do a lot of walking. I was wondering if menopause could have affected my past issues and if it’s okay to continue walking several miles a week despite morning stiffness and burning sensations.”

My reply was:

Yes, falling oestrogen levels can affect the hydration of the joints, tendons and ligaments and this in turn can trigger joint aches and pains. If your joints were affected before then this could make them more vulnerable to the hormonal changes going on now. I would suggest Devil’s Claw and a magnesium supplement to help ease the discomfort and stiffness.

Dehydration during the night could be a contributory factor to the morning stiffness so make sure that you are drinking plenty of plain water through the day and a small glass in the evening about an hour before bed.

Exercise is really important so do keep up with the walking if you can.

I was so happy to get this reply back:

“Things have improved since I started to drink more water, especially in the evening. I now drink small but regular amounts of water throughout the day and early evening, as well as keeping active. I stop the car and get out to walk around on longer journeys.

I have had no pain or stiffness in the morning for almost two weeks and have just enjoyed a trip to Wimbledon with my husband where we did a lot of walking. I suffered no ill effects and we enjoyed walking together – some “us” time, which is an added benefit.

I cannot believe the amazing effect of greater hydration!! Hot flushes are now decreasing in number and are only really an issue in venues that are rather warm, e.g. restaurants.

P.S. Always walk up steep steps slowly – steps are good exercise but you don’t want to get too hot and bothered!”

Simple things can make a big difference

Thank you so much, Margaret, for this, I just love it when easy, simple things you can do to help yourself can make such a big difference.

What simple or easy tips can you pass on to all our lovely ladies out there? Don’t worry if yours seems a bit strange or silly – if it is helping you it is more than likely it can help others too!

Share your tips in the comment section below…

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  • Sally Hall's photo avatar
    Sally Hall — 27.07.2017 04:41
    Hi Eileen I had a full hysterectomy in 1991 and was put straight on to HRT. Last year aged 55 my doctor advised me to stop taking it because the benefits I had from it would decrease significntly as I was at the true menopause age. I started reducing the hrt and am now off it. I was on hrt for 25 years. I was told I should expect menopause symptoms. Inhave put on weight but have not yet noticed hot flushes. The worst thing for me is the aching joints in my back and legs. I have also this year rented an allotment and put the aches and pains down to the activities there - however the aches and pains have not reduced even now the bulk of the hard manual work has stopped. I am eating healthily and exercising. I have only this week started taking devils claw. I am also taking manopause support. Can you recommend anything elae I can do to prevent the pains I am suffering? It is usually worse at night preventing me sleeping.


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 27.07.2017 17:06
      Hi Sally Unfortunately, coming off HRT can sometimes cause withdrawal symptoms such as joint aches and pains. I have posted a video blog on this and all the things you can do to help yourself so please have a look. Menopause Support and Devils Claw are fine for this and will, hopefully, help but they can take a little while to kick in. Great that you have a healthy diet and keep active, these are really important! http://www.avogel.co.uk/health/menopause/eileens-blog/2015/12/a-vogels-menopause-mondays-joint-aches-pains/


  • Rita Sweatman 's photo avatar
    Rita Sweatman — 23.05.2017 15:06
    Hi Eileen...Can you take devil claw and menopause support at the same time...my joints and back aches as I had slip discs many years ago....I do drink I think plenty of water... But I was wondering whether the devil claw will help and how long can you take it for....Rita


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 23.05.2017 17:24
      Hi Rita I think we had a chat on the phone today, hopefully I answered your query!


  • Anne Bradley's photo avatar
    Anne Bradley — 21.04.2017 09:49
    Hi Mandy . I am 52 and was told by go last year that menopause is underway. I have very painful fingers, wrists, joints especially in the morning. Is there anything out there to relieve this? I am not a HRT candidate.


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 21.04.2017 14:51
      Hi Mandy Water can really be of benefit for most women, pain and inflammation in the morning is often a sign of dehydration. You could also try the Devils Claw as this is traditionally used for joint pain and usually works quite quickly.


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