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Menopause treatment with herbs

Useful herbs to treat menopause symptoms


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  • Julie's photo avatar
    Julie — 23.03.2018 07:48
    Hello, Is sage safe to take for remittion of breast cancer?


    • Julie's photo avatar
      Julie — 23.03.2018 07:49
      Please reply


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 23.03.2018 10:43
      Hi Julie If you have had breast cancer you would need to discuss using sage with your doctor or consultant first to see if they are happy for you to take it under their guidance. You can print out the Patient Information Leaflet to take and show them.


  • Denise's photo avatar
    Denise — 15.03.2018 14:30
    Hi im 46 8 years ago i had lost sex drive, ive been very depressed thoughts if running infront of trams periods irregular periods are late next period im on for 2weeks my tummy bloats all the time. I feel lifeless in my head feels dizzy been to see a doctor on a few occasions im walking out with no answers i dont feel myself at having migraines that last for 2-4 days joint pains difficulty concentrating very quite and alone. Anyine feel the same as me:


    • eileen's photo avatar
      eileen — 16.03.2018 14:15
      Hi Denise It is important that you go back and ask your doctor to investigate your symptoms further. Any bloating that goes on for more than 3 weeks should be checked and also lengthy periods are not normal so your doctor should be looking into this for you. I would also ask them to test your iron and thyroid levels and also your vitamin D and B12, they shouldn't be leaving you to suffer like this! If you feel that your doctor is not going to be helpful then make a list of all that you want investigated and take along a friend or relative for support. Get them to write down every thing the doctor says, you may get more help that way. In the meantime you may find a magnesium supplement 200mg twice a day can help to ease the migraines. Remember to drink lots of plain water as dehydration can make symptoms worse.


  • Julie Calverley's photo avatar
    Julie Calverley — 07.03.2018 14:21
    Just found ound through bloodtests that im starting to go through the menopause


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